Veteran Travel Concessions 

TPI/EDA Travel Pass – Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP)

The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) is a Victorian Government initiative that provides concessional taxi-fares for residents of Victoria who have a severe and permanent disability that prevents them from independently getting about and their doctor deems the disability is unlikely to improve.

The MPTP provides a concession of 50% on a taxi fare ie the taxi fare is $50, you pay $25 and the Victorian Government pays $25.  From 4 Aug 20 to 3 Nov 20 the subsidy has been increased to $70 per trip.

Applications for an MPTP card can be made through the Victorian Government website at

The MPTP is a totally separate scheme to the being able book transport through DVA.  Details of the DVA transport system can  be obtained by calling 1800 550 455 or reviewing the website at