End of War List

End of War List for Vietnam

Media Release – 25 February 1998

Commenting today on the Prime Minister’s announcement that the Government had established an End of War List for the Vietnam War, the National President of the Vietnam Veterans’ Association of Australia, Mr Clive Mitchell-Taylor, said that the VVAA is glad to see that the coalition commitment to establish the End of War List had been honoured, but saddened by the fact that not one soldier had received a decoration as a result.
Officers have been granted decorations, while the awards to other ranks have been downgraded to commendations. He noted that the field officers recommending the awards had no thought to the precedence of awards, but that those reviewing the recommendations obviously had this in mind.
Imperial awards, in effect at the time of the war, are not available, and new Australian awards have been substituted. Advice received by the VVAA from some nominees is that they will reject the new awards – some because the level of award has been downgraded, others because they feel that Imperial awards were earned and should be granted.
The VVAA congratulates all those nominated for awards as a result of the End of War List. Their actions deserve recognition, and those who served with them salute their achievement.

Australian Awards to Service Personnel – Announced 3rd June 1998 and Subsequently