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***Join the VVAA Victorian Branch***
Includes application form

***What’s on at YOUR Museum***
A look at the programs and displays that are on at YOUR Museum for your enjoyment.

A Tribute To The Fallen

A tribute to the 98 Vietnam veterans who died on active service during the Vietnam War, and are either interred in Victoria or are commemorated by a plaque in a Victorian cemetery.

Welfare Begins With YOU
An open letter to All Veterans from Bob Elworthy AM, President VVAA Vic Branch

161 Independent Reconnaissance Flight (Possums)
A brief account of the unit’s establishment and service in Vietnam

A Pittance of Time
Do you Remember Them?

About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
An explanation of PTSD and its effects.

Advocacy Training & Development Program
Information on compensation and welfare training

ANZAC Day Travel
Information relating to free travel for veterans on ANZAC Day.

Applying for Medals
Information when applying for Medals.

Army Combat Badge (ACB)
Criteria and application for the Army Combat Badge

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Application to apply for the Australian Defence Medal

Australian Order of Battle
Lists the units that served in the Vietnam War and many links to unit Associations.

Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust 
The Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust is an independent organization sponsored by the principal Australian ex-service associations. It was established in 2003 by the former Vietnam Veterans Trust, as a lasting legacy from Australia’s use of the Agent Orange Funds.

Australian Veterans Retreats
A collection of Veterans Retreats throughout Australia

Awards – Wearing of
A guide to the wearing of Honours and Awards taken from the Australian Federal Government site ‘It’s An Honour’

Battles of the Vietnam War
This is not a definitive list, merely a collection of battles and incidents that have been chronicled.

Incident at FSB Andersen
The decimation of Australian Army Sappers on standing patrol during the Battle of Fire Support Base Andersen, SOUTH VIETNAM TET OFFENSIVE 1968

Battle of Binh Ba
On the morning of 6 June 1969, a Centurion tank and an armoured recovery vehicle were making their way along Route 2 towards the village of Binh Ba. Classified as ‘amber’, the route was considered one on which enemy contact was possible, but unlikely.

Battle of Coral & Balmoral/TET Offensive
This link covers the TET Offensive and the Battles of Coral and Balmoral

Battle of Long Khanh
The Battle of Long Khanh If you’ve ever thought that the Vietnam War was basically all over by 1971, despite the fact that our Troops were still there, think again. This intense battle proved otherwise, and it yet again showed that at the platoon level, well-trained and disciplined troops could overcome huge odds.

Battle of Long Tan
An overview of the most famous of the battles during the Vietnam War including a Power Point presentation from 2Lt Dave Sabben, Plt Cmdr 12 Platoon, Long Tan.

Battle of Nui Le
IN September 1971, just weeks before they were due to leave for home, soldiers of the Australian Task Force fought their last battle of the Vietnam War. In what became known as the Battle of Nui Le, 24 soldiers were wounded and five were killed – they were the last Australians to die in combat in Vietnam.

The Tet Offensive
An overview of the Tet Offensive; includes Coral/Balmoral – with thanks to Time Life Books

Casualty List
List of Australian and New Zealand forces KIA in Vietnam

Centre for Military and Veterans Health
The Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health (CMVH) is an internationally-unique academic, community and military partnership dedicated to innovatively seeking solutions to military and veterans’ health issues.

Chemicals In Vietnam
Information on chemicals used in Vietnam including Agent Orange and links to new studies.

Cu Chi Tunnels
Information on the infamous tunnels of Vietnam.

The medals awarded to servicemen during the Vietnam War. Awards for Gallantry and General Service Awards and Foreign Government Awards can be viewed here.

Donations  (National Vietnam Veterans Museum)
The Museum is highly appreciative of any donations made to the Museum. Donations can be made in cash or kind, and all help the Museum meet its building maintenance and operating costs as well as continually improve your visitor experience, donations can also be mailed.

Drug Free Australia
Drug Free Australia is a peak body, representing organizations and individuals who value the health and wellbeing of our nation. It plays a key role as a community voice, staying in touch with every day Australians – families and young people – via newsletters, community forums and the media, to ensure a clear message of healthy, drug free lifestyles is assured for generations to come.

DVA Information
All the DVA info in one place.

Education Projects
You can help the children and descendants of Vietnam Veterans attain a good education.

Education Links
Links to various educational sites with information on the Vietnam War.

End of War List
Media Release – 25 February 1998

Extending Christian friendship to Australian Defence Force personnel, families, Veterans and Allies through our “Home away from Home” recreation Centres on Military Bases.

Free Road Trip for Vietnam Veterans
Wicked Campers is offering all Australian and New Zealand veterans a free road trip, condition apply.

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)
Information on how to obtain the Infantry Combat Badge and the eligibility requirements.

Infantry Units in Vietnam
A brief description of each unit on their respective tours of duty
If you would like your units’ history to appear here please forward a document similar to those above to the Web Administrator

International Membership
Application form for Vietnam Veterans living outside of Australia.

International Membership of Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia is available through the Membership Manager for the Victorian Branch.
A Membership application form containing relevant (including contact) information is available here.
Potential members or members renewing their membership will need to complete the membership application form and forward it by email to the address noted on the form.  Unfortunately, the only way payment can be accepted is by electronic funds transfer as the Victorian Branch does not have credit card facilities.
Potential or current overseas members can renew their membership for more than one year to save going through the process each year.
We welcome your membership and if there are any queries, please do not hesitate to forward an email; to email address shown on the attached application form.

Lifestyle Course History
A short history of how the Lifestyle Courses came into being.

Lifestyle Course Dates and Application
Courses for all veterans who are having difficulty re-assimilating into society after their war service.

Links to Related Sites
Mostly veteran orientated sites with some civilian sites that pertain to veterans.

Lost Medals
A site for those looking for lost medals.

Men’s Health Peer Education
The Men’s Health Peer Education (MHPE) program raises awareness about men’s health issues and encourages men to share responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Mental Health and Wellbeing
Offsite information on Mental health & wellbeing.

Offsite information on Asbestos exposure and Mesothelioma for veterans.

Myths and Misunderstandings
Some interesting data on Australian deaths in Vietnam.

 National Service Scheme
Offsite information on the National Service Scheme during the Vietnam War.

National Vietnam Veterans Museum
Link to the National Vietnam Veterans Museum. Open letter to all Vietnam Veterans regarding the Museum – here
Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Museum
Become a member of the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Museum by completing the form

OPEN ARMS Group Calendar 
Programs and dates for OPEN ARMS Groups

Operation Life
Operation Life provides a framework for action to prevent suicide and promote mental health and resilience across the veteran community as a whole.
Operation Life workshops are free and open to people who are concerned about family, friends, mates or others in the veteran community. Priority will be given to veterans and their families. Welfare, pension officers and other helpers from ex-service organisations and the veteran community are encouraged to attend.
Workshops specifically for members of the veteran community can be arranged at metropolitan and regional locations, depending on demand.

Overseas Membership
Online form for Vietnam Veterans living outside Australia to join the Association.

Prime Ministerial Advisory Council on Ex-service Matters
The Council has been established to consider and advise the Prime Minister and Government on strategic and complex matters impacting on the ex-service and defence communities.

Prostate Cancer Awareness: Let’s Face Facts
Onsite & offsite information on the treatment of prostate cancer, NB: IMRT should be investigated.

RAAF In Vietnam
2 Sqn 9 Sqn 35 Sqn 37 Sqn Australian Vietnam Aircraft Photos RAAF Final Involvement

RAN In Vietnam

RAN Ships In Vietnam
ANZAC, Boonaroo, Brisbane II, Derwent, Duchess, Hobart, Jeparit, Melbourne, Parramatta III, Perth, Stuart, Swan, Sydney, Torrens, Vampire Vendetta, Yarra.

Stroke Foundation
The National Stroke Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works with the public, Government, patients, carers and stroke survivors to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community.

Story Writing and Art Competition
The Story Writing and Arts Competition (S.W.A.C.) is a popular annual event conducted specifically for members of the Victorian ex-service community. It attracts hundreds of entries each year in categories of Art/Painting, Craft, Photography, Story Writing, Poetry and Woodwork.

Terminology of the Vietnam War
Terms and sayings used during the Vietnam War.

TPI’s In Voluntary Work

Information on Government’s position for TPI’s undertaking volunteer work.

TPI/EDA Travel Pass
This pass is issued by the Public Transport Central Pass Office to EDA/TPI Veterans residing in Victoria who possess a Victorian EDA/TPI embossed DVA Gold card.

Towards 2020: A Blueprint for Veterans’ Affairs

“Over the next five years, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is set to undergo the most significant change in its history. This unique challenge for the Department and one which we must look to with optimism, as an opportunity and not a threat…..

VetRide – Includes a message from Prime Minister Turnbull
VetRide acts as an interface between cycling and veterans of the Australian Defence Force and its activities include an annual cycling event, which aims to raise funds to assist the welfare of all veterans and veteran related interests and activities.

VVAA Achievements
Results the Association has been able to achieve.

VVAA Badge
History of the VVAA Badge.

VVAA Motto
History of the VVAA Motto – ‘Honour The Dead But Fight Like Hell For The Living’.

VVAA National Homepage
Link to the VVAA National Homepage. Debrief Magazine

VVAA National Patron
A brief history of the VVAA National Patron.

Victoria Cross – Australian Recipients
Off site web page dealing with all Australian winners of the Victoria Cross.

Victoria Cross Vietnam
Detailed information on the four Victoria Crosses awarded to Australians in Vietnam.

Victorian Veterans Council
The Victorian Veterans Council is a new independent statutory body established in 2006 under the Veterans Act 2005.

Vietnam Unknown Next of Kin
A list of Vietnam Veterans whose Next of Kin is unknown

Vietnam Remembered
Overview from the 60’s to the end of the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk
A new commemorative project in Seymour – sponsors welcome.

Vietnam Veterans Day
Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, Victorian Branch, conducts an annual Vietnam Veterans Day Commemorative Service at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on 18 August, commencing at 12 noon. The service commemorates those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those that still suffer and where appropriate, also provides a focus on important engagements from the Vietnam War.  All Vietnam Veterans and their families are invited to attend the service. Detailed information on the service will normally be posted on the website about six weeks before the event.

Vietnam Veterans Family Study
The study will look at what effect veterans service in Vietnam may have had on veterans families.

Vietnam Veteran Funeral Service
A suggested funeral service for those involved with the death of a Vietnam Veteran.

Vietnam Veterans Mortality Site
Off site web page dealing with the deaths of Vietnam Veterans.

Vietnam Veterans NZ Casualties
List of New Zealanders – Killed In Action, Died of Wounds, Died on Active Service.

Vietnam Veterans National Memorial
Shows the National Memorial in Canberra.

Vietnam Veterans Nominal Roll
Link to the Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans.

Vietnam Veterans Victorian Memorials
Shows various memorials around Victoria.

Allied NVA/VCBooby TrapsMines

What To Do When Death Comes Visiting
A TIP produced document outlining the steps to take when a loved one passes.