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Coral/Balmoral Exhibition

Fifty years ago, in May/June 1968 Australian soldiers fought their largest, most sustained and arguably most hazardous battles of the Vietnam War. Units of the 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) confronted regimental-sized formations of the North Vietnamese regular army in fierce actions around Fire Support Patrol Bases (FSPB) Coral and Balmoral in what was then known as Bien Hoa province.

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum is holding a commemorative exhibition to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Coral and Balmoral. A series of photographs, displays and audio visual effects will portray the history, the people and the stories. Unique information and images, hitherto unavailable, will be on display.

This Exhibition will run from Saturday 5 May to Friday 23 November and is included in the price of admission to the Museum.

Watch the famous holographic Light & Sound Show. Enjoy light refreshments at the Nui Dat Café.

  Barry V Kelly

All theatre and history lovers, don’t forget to put this date and event in your diary – for one night only.

Barry Versus Kelly – The tragic story of Australia’s folk hero, Ned Kelly and the judge who hanged him.

A musical drama by Felix Meagher (with additional music by Lou Hesterman and Cyril Moran) about the trial and execution of Ned Kelly in November 1880. Barry Versus Kelly focuses on the confrontation between Ned and the Judge, Sir Redmond Barry.

Barry, whose harsh sentencing of Ned’s mother Ellen sparked the Kelly Outbreak, is haunted by Ned’s last words to him.” I will see you where I go.” Barry is fiercely determined to see Irish rebels like Ned Kelly punished, but he fears he might be making a martyr out of Ned.

Declining in health and suffering delusions, Barry wrestles with his conscience and the fears that his family in Ireland sees him as a traitor.

Meanwhile Ellen Kelly, on the day before the hanging, sings to Ned that he is the Loyal Son. Barry finally signs the papers that condemn Kelly and in a dying speech asks that his family be told that “I took a rebel with me.”

Feedback suggests that over 137 years later, this might be as emotionally as close to the story as you can get.

Featuring the actors/singers:

Ned  – Anthony Penhall,   Ellen Kelly – Cora Browne,   Judge Barry – Felix Meagher,   Governor of the Goal John Castieau/ Police Commissioner Standish – Colin Driscoll,   Chief Secretary of Victoria/John “Red” Kelly – Matthew Hadgraft,   Chloe – Lucinda Barratt

Musicians: Cyril Moran & Lou Hesterman

Come along to the National Vietnam Veterans Museum and sit under the wings of the Canberra Bomber to experience the unique atmosphere of watching an emotional performance with these talented performers. Ticket prices: $35 per adult or $30 concession and include a light supper. Wine, beer and soft drink will be available at bar prices. Tickets available online only at: www.trybooking.com/374801

Contact Sonia Hogg on 03 5956 6400 at the Museum for further details or go to our website: www.vietnamvetsmuseum.org

Behind The Wire Exhibition 

An invitation to the opening of our new exhibition, Behind The Wire, which will open at 2pm on Saturday 1 December.

We would be so pleased if you are able to attend this wonderful photographic exhibition.

Susan Gordon-Brown is a highly respected and sought after Australian photographer. She has a particular interest in portrait and documentary photography. Her photographic expertise is regularly called upon by many of Australia’s top companies, government departments and not for profit organizations.

Much has been written about the politics and military battles and strategy but I was interested in finding out about day-to-day life, how our guys coped with the situations they were put in and how they settled into life on their return to Australia.     Susan Gordon-Brown referring to the Vietnam War.

I hope you are able to come along and enjoy this fascinating exhibition with us. Please RSVP by Friday 23 November 2018.

Contact Sonia Hogg on 03 5956 6400 at the Museum for further details or go to our website: www.vietnamvetsmuseum.org