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Donations  (National Vietnam Veterans Museum)
The Museum is highly appreciative of any donations made to the Museum. Donations can be made in cash or kind, and all help the Museum meet its building maintenance and operating costs as well as continually improve your visitor experience, donations can also be mailed.

Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Museum
Become a member of the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Museum by completing the form NATIONAL VIETNAM VETERANS MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP
Membership Information                                        Membership Application

Here’s how the deal works:

Members fill out the attached membership form, write their Sub-Branch name on the top of the form (so that the rebate can be sent to the correct Sub-Branch) and send the form along with EFT payment receipt or cheque to the museum address on the form or contact your Victorian Sub-Branch or interstate Branch for details. The NVVM will issue membership card(s) and rebates will be paid to Sub-Branches at the AGM.  You may also want to keep a check on memberships by asking your members to advise you if/when they join.

This could be a significant fund raiser for Sub-Branches and a great way for members to support their museum if the scheme is promoted to the members as a set and forget fund raiser and an easy way to support their museum. Members should note that they get concessional membership and that fees decrease in cost for multiple year memberships. If members get friends to join, the Sub-Branch will receive a rebate for those memberships as well.  Sub-Branches might care to consider corporate membership as part of this membership drive as well.

I will be promoting this membership drive to the other state branches as well.

Members joining quickly will be able to access their member benefits over the holiday period.

Open letter to all Vietnam Veterans regarding the Museum – here

A full list of EVENTS can be seen here

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