National Vietnam Veterans Museum – An open letter



Dear Fellow Vietnam Veteran

The vision for the NationalVietnamVeteransMuseum is that it will be a spiritual home and a source of healing, understanding and education for ALL Vietnam Veterans.

The NationalVietnamVeteransMuseum has come about because of years of hard work and the vision of the VVAA Victoria Museum Sub-Branch. Financial assistance has been provided by the Federal and Victorian Governments, various sponsors and Victorian Vietnam Veterans.

Despite best endeavours to advertise and explain the status of the museum, it is apparent that the message has not reached all Vietnam Veterans, particularly those Veterans residing outside Victoria. Some Veterans are not aware of the status of the museum or that they are able to have their service recorded at the museum.

The NationalMuseum is above ESO rivalries, real or imagined. Though created largely by the efforts of VVAA Victoria, the museum IS NOT a VVAA facility; it is the NationalMuseum for ALL Vietnam Veterans and families, it is YOUR museum. ALL Vietnam Veterans and their families are welcome at the museum.

At present, the museum is operated by an interim management committee. In time, the responsibility for operating the museum and preserving the museum for future generations will pass to a board of trustees, chosen from the ex-service community.

Through “Buy a Brick” campaigns and direct donations, some Vietnam Veterans have financially supported the museum and have had their service permanently recorded on the walls of the museum. It is regrettable that for whatever reason, ALL Vietnam Veterans have not had the opportunity to be part of the initial campaign. However, opportunities still exist for Veterans, unit associations and families to participate in similar campaigns in the future.

If you are a member of an ESO and you are unaware of the museum and what it stands for, may I suggest that you ask your ESO to provide you with information? Alternatively, if you don’t belong to an ESO or wish to make a personal enquiry, you can contact the museum. Telephone 03 5956 6400, or email

The NationalVietnamVeteransMuseum at PhillipIsland, Victoria, is YOUR Museum, dedicated to preserving and faithfully recording Vietnam War history for future generations. I encourage you to support The National Vietnam Veterans Museum and to ensure that YOUR story is told.


Bob Elworthy

President – Victorian State Branch

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia