Coral/Balmoral Unit Citation for Gallantry

Unit Date/s of deployment Task/s
Headquarters, 1st Australian Task Force (HQ 1 ATF Fwd)
13 May – 6 June
FSPB Coral:
• Tactical command and control of all Australian and assigned forces within area of operations.
• Includes Headquarters Company
D & E Platoon 12 May – 6 June FSPB Coral:
• Task Force Headquarters protection.
• Conduct patrols within allocated area of operations.
Elements of 1 ARU (Reinforcement Unit) 12 May – 6 June FSPB Coral:
• Employment as required across AO as reinforcements.
Task Force Maintenance Area (TFMA Fwd)
Elements from: 
HQ 26 Company RAASC (TFMA HQ). Sub-units:
• 85 Transport Platoon (water transport and supply)
• Detachment from 52 Supply Platoon (supply of rations and expense supplies at Fwd TFMA)
• Detachment from 25 Supply Platoon (ammunition and helicopter rearm)
• Detachment from 8 Petroleum Platoon (holding and issue of packaged POL, refuelling point, helicopter and fixed wing refuel)
Under command of 26 Company: 
• Detachment from 176 Air Dispatch Coy RAASC (air supply control. movement of stores, equipment and ammunition by air)
• Detachment from 1 Div Stores and Transport Workshop
• 1 Ordnance Field Park RAAOC
• Detachment from 1 CommZ Postal Unit (postal NCO at Coral)
• Detachment from 11 Movement Control Group RAE 13 May – 6 June FSPB Coral:
• Requisition and receive stores in bulk from the rear.
• Supply and maintenance of reserve controlled stores.
• Receipt and distribution of unit lots, stores and equipment as requested by units within area of operations.
• Provide detailed issue of supplies, ordnance stores, defence stores and ammunition to unit echelons.
• Control the heavy lift LZ for air maintenance and back-loading of personnel and stores.
• Hold reserves of all types as specified in 1ATF SOPs.
• Establish helicopter landing zones, water points, helicopter and vehicle refuelling points, POL and ammunition holding areas.
• Personnel support.
• Defence within area of responsibility.
• Provision of troops to undertake patrols within TAOR and Ready Reaction Force.
1 Australian Logistics Support Group (Fwd)
• Detachment from 2 Advanced Ordnance Depot 13 May – 6 June FSPB Coral:
• Requisition and supply from 1 Australian Logistics Support Group Vung Tau.
Detachment from 8 Field Ambulance 13 May – 6 June FSPB Coral
• Establish and man Regimental Aid Post.
• Stabilise and evacuate injured personnel.
• Assist unit medical personnel.
1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR)
12 May – 6 June
FSPB Coral
• Occupy FSPB Coral.
• Conduct fighting patrols in AO.
3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR)
12 May 
13 May – 24 May
24 May – 5 June FSPBs Coral, Coogee and Balmoral
• Secure landing zone for 1 RAR.
• Occupy FSPB Coogee. Conduct fighting patrols in AO.  
• Occupy FSPB Balmoral. Conduct fighting patrols in AO.
A Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment
15 May – 6 June
FSPB Coogee, Coral and Balmoral
• Squadron Headquarters and 3 Troop in location at FSPB Coral.
• 1 Troop under operational control of 1 RAR.
• 2 Troop under operational control of 3 RAR. Deployed FSPB Coogee then Balmoral (24 May).
• Provide direct support to defence of FSPB and patrol activities.
• Conduct route reconnaissance and undertake escort duties.
C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment 23 May – 5 June FSPB Coral and Balmoral
• HQ Troop responsible for coordination of defence at Coral.
• 1 Troop under operational control of 3 RAR.
• 2 Troop under operational control of 1 RAR.
102 Field Battery,
12 May – 6 June
FSPB Coral:
• Direct Support of 1 RAR.
12th Field Regiment 
Headquarters Battery 12 May – 6 June FSPB Coral
• Establish Artillery Tactical Headquarters.
• Coordinate artillery fires.
131 Divisional Locating Battery 12 May – 6 June (?) FSPB Coral
• Deploy Mortar Location Radar Sections. 
1st Field Squadron
• Headquarters and Field Troops
• Plant Troop
• 21 Support Troop
• 1 Field Squadron Workshops
• Combat Engineer Teams
12 May – 6 June
(Individual troops returned to Nui Dat upon completion of tasks)
FSPB Coral and Balmoral
• Prepare base defensive position, dig command posts and communications centre,  water-supply points, land winch points.
• Assist other units with preparation of defensive positions.
• Land clearance.
• Route and road reconnaissance.
• Booby trap and mine detection and clearance.
• Destruction of captured weapons and explosives, enemy installations and equipment.
• Provide: 
–  four Combat Engineer Teams under operational control of 1 RAR and 3 RAR
–  mini team under operational control of A Squadron 3 Cavalry Regiment
–  mini team under operational control of C Squadron 1 Armoured Regiment
• Repair and/or retrieval damaged vehicles and heavy equipment.
• Assist in defence of FSPBs.
Detachment from 104 Signals Squadron
12 May – 5 June
FSPB Coral:
• Establish and maintain Task Force communications, including rear link, air net, radio relay, HQ signals centre.
• Lay and maintain line between units.
• Provide special and air despatch services, and routine courier services.
• Establish defensive positions within allocated area and support defence of FSPB.
Detachment from 547 Signals Troop 1 May – c. 1 June FSPB Coral:
• In loc with 104 Signals Squadron.
• Conduct tactical SIGINT collection and analysis.
• Conduct intelligence briefings for HQ 1ATF (Fwd).
161 Independent Reconnaissance Flight
Detachment at Phu Loi
• Direct support to HQ 1ATF (Fwd), 1 RAR and 3 RAR.
• Provide visual reconnaissance day and night.
• Provide aerial platform for psychological operations, artillery observation, radio rebroadcast.
• Provide transport for liaison between Australian and US forces.
Other units (Australian)
Detachment 198 Works Section
1st Australian Light Aid Detachment
1st Australian Provost Detachment
Detachment 1 Division Intelligence Section
Detachment 1 Topographical Survey Troop
1 Division Cash Office
Elm 2 Australian Force Canteen Unit
21 Engineering Support Troop
Detachment 1 Forward Delivery Troop
Loc unknown.
Under control of – unknown
Other units (Allied)
161 Field Battery (NZ)
12 May – 6 June
(13-24 May) FSPB Coogee 
FSPB Coral:
• Support to FSPB Balmoral and patrols. 
• In support 3 RAR.
A Battery 2nd Battalion 35th Artillery (US) – 6 June FSPB Coral
Element 5th Battalion 2nd Artillery (Air Defense) (US) – 6 June FSPB Coral