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Alaric Outback Retreat Inc formally known as Alaric Vietnam Veterans Retreat


For 14 years a block of grazing land and a 100-year-old homestead in Queensland’s outback 1,000 km from Brisbane has become a peaceful refuge for ex-service people who want to get away from it all.

Alaric Outback Retreat is on a remote outback station of nearly 50,000 hectares nearly 100 km north of Quilpie. Its aim is to provide a secure and relaxing haven for veterans of all conflicts. There are no formal activities – visitors can do as much or as little as they want. But there is a lot on offer for those who wish it, including opal fossicking, fishing, watching some of the 160 identified bird species, yabbying, reading, bush walking, watching television or just relaxing with nature. Organised day excursions are also available, at no cost, to Adavale, the recently opened Hell Hole National Park and working opal mines. Its very remoteness is part of the attraction. It is a retreat where Veterans of all conflicts can come for a day or a week or whatever. It is not a permanent residence, apart from a fulltime caretaker and a rostered duty officer who will also assist the caretaker. Agencies that offer counselling are available and will be encouraged to attend the retreat as and when needed by veterans.

Alaric Outback Retreat Inc is a Not-For-Profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who themselves are veterans and the organisation does not have any paid employees. The organisation is run entirely off donations from corporations, RSL Clubs, individuals and visitors to the retreat by way of compensation for their accommodation, meals and or power if utilised or required.

Donations encouraged from visitors who utilise the retreat facilities are very modest and are:

Special $50.00 per day includes accommodation, all meals .

An exciting expansion of activities is now available and being canvassed to ALL Services people – current and former members of the Defence Forces, State and Federal Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance and State Emergency Services and their respective families.

In furtherance of the stated Objects of Alaric Outback Retreat Inc, its purpose is to advance social and public welfare by providing: (See Clause 3 and 3A of the Retreat’s Constitution)

  • A temporary residential respite facility to assist members of the Services and their families with a physical or mental disability;
  • A temporary residential facility where mid and body can rest and heal;
  • Activities and opportunities for members of the Services and their families with a physical or mental disability to interact with other people and have the same life experiences as people who do not have a physical or mental disability.

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Len Thompson OAM

Honorary Treasurer

Alaric Outback Retreat Inc

April 2019.